Terms and Conditions


  • Thank you for visiting our website, www.nusaduaconcierge.com. We hope that we can be of service to you during your visit and in providing convenience when accessing as well as using all of the available services on our website. We are constantly working towards improving our customer service quality. We are always open to receiving any feedback, critique, and suggestions from you which can be carried out via email at info@nusaduaconcierge.com or via phone at +62-81-809-811-811.


  • By accessing our website and services, you have agreed to read, understand, agree, and abide by the User Terms and Conditions for the www.nusaduaconcierge.com website. If you do not agree to the User Terms and Conditions, fully or partially in any way, thus you are forbidden to access this website or to utilise our available services.
  • The User Terms and Conditions comprise of (i) general terms and conditions that applies to every service made available on this website, and (ii) specific terms and conditions that regulates terms of selected product use or services. In situations where there are differences or contradictions between the general terms and conditions and the specific terms and conditions thus what is applicable is the specific terms and conditions.
  • The website’s User Terms and Conditions may be changed, modified, added, removed or corrected (“changed”) at any given time and each change will be applicable upon our decision or at a later time that we will apply; we advise of regular visits to our website in order to stay updated on the latest changes.


    The www.nusaduaconcierge.com website and its products, technology, and processes that are included or mentioned on the website are owned by our company or by an appointed third party. Unless otherwise stated with firm intent or given sound permission for use under the User Terms and Conditions of this website, we do not allow any rights sharing for any information related to this website including data, information, and content.

  • By using this website or its available services therefore you are agreeing to not implement actions such as download, publish, or transmit or to create any public content that are not in keeping with the rights stipulated in the website’s User Terms and Conditions.
  • You are prohibited from creating links, taking a screen capture or conduct data crawling of the website without receiving a written agreement from us. Failure to abide by the aforementioned rule is considered a violation to our company’s intellectual property rights.

Product Order/Purchase

  • Product Booking may be conducted within the following timespan:
    • Arrival: the timespan for bookings is 1 (one) day before arrival
    • Departure: the timespan for bookings is 1 (one) day before departure
    • Transfer: the timespan for transfers is 1 (one) day before arrival/departure
  • Product Booking may be conducted through the www.nusaduaconcierge.com website by including a complete and correct data for bookings.
  • Booking data that is inputted into the website is considered complete and correct under the following conditions:
    • Passenger Data matches with the data written in the Identification Card.
    • Payment data matches with the data written in the card used for payment be it Credit/Debit Card.
    • By creating a Product Booking order though the www.nusaduaconcierge.com website, you are therefore agreeing to receive emails regarding Payment Method and Booking Confirmation.
  • For international flights, customers must have a passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 (six) months until the date of departure and/or arrival.
  • Product Booking is considered successful or completed after you pay the full amount of the purchase by following the available payment method and we will send a proof/confirmation letter of the booking/purchase. Should there be any dispute or problems, we will revert to the inputted data on our website which we consider as a legal activity.

Product Prices

  • We regularly offer you the best prices as testament to our dedication in making available services that meet your satisfaction and provide the utmost convenience. Prices that are stated may have special terms and conditions which apply therefore you must check and understand every applicable terms and conditions that which applies to a selected price or tariff before you proceed in carrying out your booking. You must also check and understand the terms for cancellations and refunds that applies for Products and/or selected Prices.
  • Stated prices are inclusive of tax, collection fees, additional charges, and other expenses which will be clearly stated on our website and confirmation.
  • We have the right to change the price of a Product at any given time without prior notice.


  • Payment of the booked product is mandatory for using our services.
  • We accept payments with the following payment methods:
    • Credit Cards (VISA, Master Card & American Express)
    • Direct Debit (self clickpay, CIMB Clicks and E-Pay BRI)
    • QRis (Pay with any QRIS compatible e-wallets or banking app (GoPay, ShopeePay, OVO, DANA, LinkAja, and other e-wallets).
  • For the purposes of protecting and encrypting your credit/debit card information, we utilise the “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)” technology on our website. In situations where there is a credit card fraud incident or wrongful use of the payment system by any third party then such events should be reported directly to our company and the company/bank of your credit card provider in order for you to receive direct assistance that is in-line with applicable procedures and regulations.
  • For every confirmed booking that we receive, we will send a Booking Confirmation via email which includes the product details, your booking order, and the Payment Confirmation. You are responsible for ensuring that the information listed in the Confirmation section that we send is correct because it is considered as an important document and it is also mandatory for you to show it to us when using our services. We have the right to reject offering our services if we do not receive a correct proof of booking and complete payment therefore we are not responsible for any damage or loss.

Change and Cancellation

  • By making a booking on our website www.nusaduaconcierge.com, you therefore understand, accept, and agree to the policies and conditions of cancellations.
  • You are allowed to make changes to your booking data up to four hours before using our services.
  • The following are data changes that may be made:
    • Arrival Flight Date and Time
    • Departure Flight Date and Time
    • Transfer Flight Date and Time
    • Flight Number
  • You are not allowed to make changes or cancellations to Additional Products and Services that you have booked through our website and which you have paid/fully paid by utilising one of the payment methods that we have provided.
  • Should there be any cancellation to the booking and payment that have already been made then we encourage you to immediately report it to us through one of the following channels:
  • Email : info@nusaduaconcierge.com , Phone : +62-81-809-811-811


  • We utilise the Secure Server Layer (SSL) access that will encrypt the information you sent through this website in order to keep your information safe on our website.
  • We utilise the Payment Gateway services from a third party that will warrant your payment transaction during the payment/full payment process that has been conducted through our website.

Usage Data

  • Your privacy is the utmost importance to our company.
  • When you book through the www.nusaduaconcierge.com website, we will record and save the information and your personal data. In principle, we will use your data to prepare the product and offer services to you. We will store every data that you provide from time to time or from the data that we compiled from the use of our Products and Services. Your personal data that we obtain may be utilised by our company for accounting, billing, auditing, credit verification or payment reasons as well as for security, administrative, and legal purposes not excluding for rewarding points or similar programmes. Furthermore, we may also utilise the data for testing, maintaining, and system development, customer relations, and promotional use in addition to assisting us so that we are able to offer you better services in the future. We are also allowed to state your data to the group of companies in which we have membership, to product supply partners, to other companies who are our partners, to data processing companies that have a contract with us, to travel agents, to government bodies, and to a court as well as under any jurisdiction.
  • We will not state your inputted data obtained from our website to the public in any way, shape, or form.